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Vote for the Worst Roads in Ontario

Do you live or work near a road that is absolutely terrible to drive, walk or cycle on? If so, you may be able to do something about it. For the sixth year, CAA (Canada Automobile Association) South Central Ontario will launch its annual Worst Roads campaign. From April 6th until April 29th, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are invited to cast their votes for the worst roads in Ontario.

The Purpose for Naming the Worst Roads in Ontario

worst roads in ontario
Ontario's Worst Roads campaign provides an opportunity for all Ontarians to have a say in which roads are in need of attention. Whether commuters are concerned about potholes, congestion, safety issues, poor road signs or a combination of problems, CAA uses the feedback gathered from the results of the campaign to engage with politicians and decision makers in government.

For CAA, roads and driving safety have always been a priority. They view this campaign as a way to put gentle pressure on municipalities and jurisdictions to take action and make necessary repairs to these potentially unsafe roads.

There is also a financial concern when it comes to those who operate motor vehicles on these roads. Through research, CAA has concluded that by the time you add up the costs of traffic congestion, repair fees, municipal and gas taxes and various other expenses, a bad road may cost the average motorist up to $3,000 per year.

CAA realizes that ongoing road maintenance is essential to ensure that everyone can enjoy safe, economically friendly and environmentally responsible drives, walks and rides to work, school or play. So, it would be incredibly helpful if you could take the time to vote for a road that you feel could be more efficiently utilized if it were better maintained.

The Worst Roads in Ontario: Recent "Winners"

In 2015, these roads received the most votes during that year's Worst Roads campaign. They have since received some necessary attention and are currently in various stages of repair.

  • Algonquin Boulevard West (Timmins)
  • Algonquin Boulevard East (Timmins)
  • Dufferin Street (Toronto)
  • Highway 144 (Greater Sudbury)
  • Carling Avenue (Ottawa)
  • Radical Road (Port Dover)
  • Burlington Street (Hamilton)
  • Riverside Drive (Timmins)
  • Dominion Road (Timmins)
  • Bayview Avenue (Toronto)

Which roads will be acknowledged as the worst in Ontario this year? If you are a resident of the province, the choice is entirely up to you. Through April 29th, you can cast your vote online at

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