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Unique Driving Laws

Even if you have been operating a vehicle in Canada for years, you may not know about some of the more unusual driving laws that may apply to you. And while there is a chance that none of these regulations will ever have a direct impact on your life as a Canadian driver, it is good to know they exist. After all, you never know, eh?

Did You Know About these Unique Driving Laws?

If you check your Provincial Motor Vehicle Act, you will see that these laws really do exist. Some of them may seem outdated or strange, but that doesn't mean that you won't get demerits if you break one of them. So, while you are probably a cautious driver already, here are just a few more things to be aware of on the roads.

Unique Driving Laws

  • You may not drive your horse furiously on the highway.
    You may apparently drive your horse gently, jovially or maybe even in a spirited fashion. Just don't cross the line and go furiously down the highway with your steed or with any other animal. You will get a ticket.
  • You may not put your car in neutral when coasting down a hill.
    This one is interesting because, while you may not own a horse, you might want to save a little gas by letting your vehicle coast on an decline. However, if you are in British Columbia, you are technically not permitted to do so.
  • You may not engage in braking for no reason in Quebec.
    If you are driving on the streets of Quebec and are caught applying your brakes suddenly and for no apparent reason, you will receive two demerit points on your driving record. Why would you brake without a reason? Who knows? But if you are stopping your vehicle in Quebec, you should have an explanation prepared, and preferably in French.
  • You may not block the left lane in B.C.
    If you are a slow driver in British Columbia, it would be wise to stay out of the left lane. If you are caught blocking traffic in that lane, you may be subject to a $167 fine and up to three demerit points. This may actually be good news if you are a B.C. driver who dislikes being delayed by slower travelers during your daily commute.
  • You may not operate a horse-drawn sleigh on an Ontario highway that is equipped with less than two bells.
    The law states, "Every person travelling on a highway with a sleigh or sled drawn by a horse or other animal shall have at least two bells attached to the harness or to the sleigh or sled in such a manner as to give ample warning sound." It seems that if you have already purchased a horse, investing in that extra bell shouldn't be a problem.
  • You may not hold onto a moving vehicle while on a Saskatchewan highway.
    This law does not apply to the moving vehicle that you happen to be driving. However, if you are in Saskatchewan and are suddenly taken with nostalgia, you are not permitted to re-enact the skateboard scene from Back to the Future. Remember, Michael J. Fox is from Alberta. In reality, holding onto a moving pickup while riding a skateboard is probably unsafe.

Sure, some of these driving laws may seem a little wacky, but like all laws, they were enacted to keep you safe. Driving a car is a privilege and a potentially dangerous activity. So, it is important to know the laws and adhere to them each and every time you get behind the wheel.

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