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Important School Zone Driving Safety Tips to Keep Everyone Safe

Driving in school zones can be dangerous. Many young children arrive and leave their school at once, which means a large number of cars and busses are on the same roads in a very short period of time. Kids also walk to and from school, often causing motorists to stop for crossing guards and unattended children. This makes it very important for drivers to pay close attention to their surroundings and to stay watchful behind the wheel.

However, a recent study by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has found that Canadians are witnessing dangerous driving practices in these zones. The CAA recommends following several school zone driving safety tips to improve your driving and keep everyone safe.

Reduce Your Speed

School Zone Driving Safety Tips

One of the most important tips that the CAA has cited is to reduce your speed in school zones. Traveling at a slower pace will enable you to stop quicker if a hazard appears in the road. It will also help you when you are unable to see as well. Having the ability to stop with little notice has the potential to keep you from being involved in a costly accident.

Drive Cautiously

The CAA also recommends individuals to drive cautiously. This means to anticipate hazards, be ready to stop quickly and to not take risks behind the wheel. Using caution is especially important when young children may step out in front of your vehicle with little notice.

Follow All Traffic and Bus Signals

Another useful safety tip is to follow all traffic and bus signals. Stop signs and flashing bus lights mean that there might be children or other pedestrians nearby, making it crucial to obey all traffic laws that aim to prevent collisions. Never assume that you can drive through stop signs or disobey flashing lights if you do not see anyone close to you.

Be Patient and Courteous

Have the right frame of mind when you are driving in a school zone. Understand that the roads may be filled with vehicles, and be patient with other drivers. Being calm and courteous could improve traffic flow as well, which would expedite your trip.

Don’t Make Sudden Moves

School zones are often filled with unpredictable moves by children, other pedestrians, and vehicles. For example, a child may attempt to cross a street without looking or another vehicle could suddenly stop to pick-up a student. These events often cause accidents. Lower the chances of this happening to you by being very cautious behind the wheel.

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