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Purchase a Vehicle with Confidence with AMVIC Licenced Businesses

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting time. Individuals tend to focus on car models, colours, and options when they are in the market for a new car, while often losing sight of the details of the actual agreement.

The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) functions as a regulatory organization that helps to protect consumer rights by licencing businesses that sell cars. This council educates salespeople and the car industry as whole, ensuring that motor vehicle industry regulations are followed and that individuals can confidently buy vehicles through a proper sales process.Puchase a Vehicle with Confidence with AMVIC


AMVIC was delegated the authority to administer motor vehicle regulations of the Fair Trading Act on September 1, 1999. Its mission is to protect consumers and to raise trust within the industry. As one of the registration requirements, salespeople have to complete a training course on consumer protection legislation. An online database allows anyone to easily verify if a business or salesperson is licenced.

Buying from AMVIC Licenced Businesses

Several advantages exist when purchasing a vehicle from an AMVIC licenced business. Consumers benefit from receiving clear disclosure on financing, the ability to file a compensation fund claim, and the opportunity to receive all-in pricing. AMVIC is readily available for those who have questions, concerns, or complaints with licenced businesses.

Spotting Curbers

Although many businesses are licenced by AMVIC, there are entities selling cars without this licence in place. These businesses are commonly called curbers by industry insiders. Curbers will try to sell vehicles through legitimate looking businesses and private sales. Keep these tips in mind if you suspect that you have encountered a curber:

  • Perform an online database search on AMVIC's website to see if the business you are working with is listed. This will easily tell you if an AMVIC licence has been granted.
  • Curbers are notoriously anxious to close sales. If the salesperson seems too eager to sell you a vehicle, contact AMVIC or visit its official website for further information.
  • A phone number may be listed more than once on private car sale advertisements, which may indicate that a curber might be selling these vehicles. Individuals typically will only sell one car at a time.
  • When Dealing with a Curber

    If you have positively identified a curber, be prepared to walk away from the vehicle. These car dealers could be a liability because they aren't regulated. If you insist on continuing business, be sure to:

  • Never give your banking information away.
  • Insist on having an independent inspection performed.
  • Request the use of a proper bill of sale.
  • Buy a vehicle history report from a trusted source.
  • Buying a Car at an AMVIC Licenced Dealership

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