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Making Roads Safer in Your Community

While there are some safe driving practices that are universal, every community is different when it comes to their roads and the specific needs of the drivers who live and work there. This is why The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), with funding from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), has developed a Community-Based Toolkit for Road Safety Campaigns.

The Community-Based Toolkit from TIRF

Making Roads Safer in Your CommunityTIRF's new Community-Based Toolkit has been designed to help communities create their own road safety campaigns that are specifically tailored to local issues of concern. So, whether you live in New Westminster, Boucherville, the heart of downtown Toronto, all the way up in Grise Fiord, or anywhere else in the country, your community can make its roads safer.

Even if your community is at a loss for how to even begin starting an effective safe driving campaign, the Toolkit from TIRF will provide everything that you need. Within the kit, you will find evidence-based and user-friendly tools and information that will guide you through the various steps that you should take to make your campaign successful.

Developed using a pilot-test approach during which TIRF worked with members of the Safer Roads Ottawa Program to assist them in developing their own local road safety campaign focused on pedestrian safety, the Toolkit contains tested and valuable resources. Knowledge that was shared and experiences that were gained during this very organic process have been captured and developed into these resources, and that is why this information is so vital.

Recipients of the kit will find that they have several tools at their disposal:

  • A series of issue-specific fact sheets
  • Information about stakeholder engagement
  • Campaign development strategies
  • Messaging and branding tutorials
  • A guide to social media engagement
  • Issues dealt with on the provided fact sheets include:

  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Alcohol-Impaired Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Speeding
  • Drug-Impaired Driving
  • Fatigued Driving
  • Cyclists and Motorcyclists
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • The entire TIRF Toolkit can be found online at, or you can call the Traffic Injury Research Foundation for more information about this project and other campaigns at (877) 238-5235.

    Information about TIRF

    The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) is the Canadian source for international research related to the causes and effects of road crashes. Their primary goal is to "provide objective and scientific information to support the development, implementation and evaluation of road safety programs, effective advocacy and consultation."

    TIRF services are aimed at several groups, so their goals are not specific to one set of interests.

  • They serve the government. TIRF provides carefully researched evidence that can lead elected officials to design smarter policies for preventing injuries and loss of life on roads and highways.
  • They serve industry. If you are in the automotive industry, TIRF can assist in increasing your knowledge of road safety so that you can produce safer, more efficient and more trustworthy products.
  • They serve the public. TIRF is a centre for road safety tips and driving information. They can provide you and your family with the resources that will allow you to maintain peace of mind on the road.
  • They serve non-government organizations. As an independent, objective and credible source on traffic safety advocacy, TIRF can supply your group with non-biased facts and statistics for your presentation, class or safety campaign.
  • While TIRF research encompasses all things related to traffic, collisions and driving behaviours in general, their special areas of expertise are impaired drivers and young drivers. For information about these specific issues, as well as a full list of topics that they continually cover, visit the TIRF Expertise page on their website.

    Another Way to Stay Safe on the Roads

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