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A Plan to Make Ontario School Zones Safer

Soon, there may be good news for Ontario school zones. The provincial government has proposed legislation that would provide municipalities with new technology. These extra tech tools would be used on municipal roads to make them safer. And, of course, school zones are considered to be a top priority.

CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) is celebrating this news. The insurance provider has been actively promoting school zone safety in Ontario for nearly 90 years.

CAA's School Safety Patrol Program Helps Make School Zones Safer

Ontario School Zones

CAA created the School Safety Patrol program, but it has taken the efforts of a lot of people to make it successful. Police officers, school board members, teachers and parents have all worked hard to make the program a reality. Also, and perhaps most importantly, over 20,000 student volunteers are actively involved with the program.

The School Safety Patrol program appoints Student Patrollers to model safe behaviour in school zones. First, these students receive special training through a formal course provided by CAA. Then they serve as either Bus Patrollers or Foot Patrollers at their schools.

A Bus Patroller assists the bus driver with safely loading and unloading students. They also set a proper example of how to ride safely when the bus is in transit. Foot Patrollers, on the other hand, monitor school crossings. They help to make sure that walking students are able to cross the road safely. Both types of Student Patrollers wear bright lime green vests to ensure visibility.

How All Ontarians Can Help Make School Zones Safer

If your regular commute involves driving in or around a school zone, you can promote safety through good driving habits. On their website, CAA provides reminders for drivers who come in contact with school zones or other community safety zones.

  • Avoid using phones in school zones. Of course, you should always refrain from using your phone while driving, but it's even more important to avoid distractions around a school.
  • Watch out for children. When you're driving near a school, be aware of the fact that children can be anywhere, so use extra caution.
  • Be prepared to stop. Again, this involves being extra aware when you are driving in places where children might suddenly dart out into the road. Being able to react quickly will help keep everyone safer.
  • Remember to come to a full stop when school buses flash their red lights. If you fail to completely stop, you could be fined up to $2,000 and receive six demerit points.

For more information about CAA's School Safety Patrol program, visit You can also visit CAA's primary website for tips and information about how to practice and promote safe driving habits in your community.

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