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Important Vehicle Safety Features for New Car Buyers

Buying a new car is a very exciting time that is filled with many decisions. You may have already selected the type of car and colour you want, but other options that you haven't considered could leave you feeling confused on what you should buy.

Vehicle safety features should never be a question in your mind. It is extremely important that your new car contains several basic safety devices that have the potential to save your life in the event of an accident. These devices are not only recommended, but some are required by law in other countries such as the United States.

Air Bags

Vehicle Safety Features

The air bag dates back to World War II, when a patent was filed for a pillow to land against in the event of an airplane crash. Air bags have since been incorporated into cars and are deployed when an impact occurs. These devices act as cushions, meaning that anyone inside the car will hit a soft, fabric bag instead of a steering wheel or dashboard. Some newer models even have side, curtain and knee airbags to protect you and your passengers. Air bags greatly reduce injuries and save thousands of lives per year.

Head Restraints

Car seats commonly contain head restraints. These devices work to prevent or reduce whiplash caused by rear-impact crashes. Head restraints (or head rests) are adjustable and fit almost any adult. Law mandates certain sizes and strengths to be used in front seats, while no such law is in place for back seats of vehicles.

Traction Control

Early traction control systems were first introduced in the 1970s and are used to help keep your vehicle stable. These systems work either in conjunction with the anti-lock braking system or by adjusting engine output to prevent the amount that your wheels can slip. Traction control allows drivers to maintain control of their vehicles and aids in maintaining traction at the driving wheels.

Antilock Brakes

Antilock brakes prevent tires from locking, which allows drivers to steer their vehicles during a sudden stop as well as prevents the tires from sliding while stopping on slippery surfaces. These braking systems have made it possible for individuals to avoid collisions and maintain control of their vehicles. Car experts often recommend trying antilock brakes in a safe, vacant parking lot if you have no experience using them.

Backup Cameras

Backup cameras provide the necessary visibility to help drivers avoid crashing into objects while in reverse. These cameras are added to the back of vehicles, while a monitor near the driver seat clearly displays the vehicle's path. Blind spots, which can cause accidents, are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Purchasing Your New, Safe Vehicle

If you have less than perfect credit, you can rely on Canada Auto Loan when you are ready to purchase your next vehicle. We know that having a safe vehicle to drive is a priority, and we will work on your behalf so that you can potentially drive away in one.

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