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Taking a Hyundai Car Dealership Virtual Tour

Going to a dealership that you've never been to before can be a little nerve-wracking. You have to take valuable time out of your schedule to visit, so you are hoping that you will like the dealership so that your time won't be wasted.

But what if you don't like the dealership? There is always a chance that they won't have the right inventory or that the showroom is just unorganized, inefficient and/or unwelcoming. You could end up having to take a second day to go to another dealership, keeping your fingers crossed that you won't have the same kind of negative experience.

Two Hyundai dealerships in Alberta are now offering a way for you to visit their stores without actually having to go anywhere. Using Street View on Google Maps, they have made it possible for any customer with internet access to take a virtual tour of their showrooms and more.

Why a Car Dealership Virtual Tour is Beneficial

You may already be familiar with Google Maps and the 360-degree Street View functionality that allows you to virtually explore almost any location on the planet. Now, Hyundai's new Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) will make it possible for you to get inside dealerships online without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

Regarding this innovation, Director of Marketing at Hyundai Auto Canada Corp, Lawrence Hamilton, has stated:

Car Dealership Virtual Tour

"We already know more and more customers are doing an increasing amount of their car shopping online; the data we see everyday proves that. Bringing that 360-degree, Street View of Google Maps to two of our newest dealerships is a natural extension of what our customers are already looking for online and further accelerates the convergence of the online and bricks-and-mortar world."

And while only these two Alberta dealerships (Hyundai Val-Bélair and City Hyundai) have been selected for the pilot project, a larger, long-term plan is in the works. Hyundai Canada hopes to eventually ensure that dealerships nation-wide have a fully virtual presence that closely matches their physical environment.

What Hyundai's Virtual Tour Will Show You

A virtual tour of participating Hyundai dealerships will show you the majority of areas within the stores that are accessible to the public. To make seamless integration possible, the same team and equipment used to generate the Google Maps Street View online was also used to capture the virtual dealership tours.

When you log on to Google Maps on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to take your tour, you offered a detailed viewing of both the showroom and the service centre. You will also be shown some of the actual Hyundai vehicles that are currently available at the dealership you are touring.

Kicking off the program, Hyundai Val-Bélair will be showing off the Elantra compact car, Tucson compact SUV and Genesis Coupe sports car. And if you virtually visit River City Hyundai in the near future, you will see the Santa Fe XL SUV, Genesis luxury sedan and sporty Veloster 3-door hatchback.

Finding the Dealership that is Right for You

If, on the other hand, you have less than perfect credit and need to finance a car, the right dealership is one that is qualified to work with your situation. Not every dealer works with lenders that handle tarnished credit, and trying to find the right one on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Luckily, Canada Auto Loan can make the loan approval process easier by matching you with a dealership that can help right away. We have a nation-wide network of dealers, and we will connect you with the one that is closest to you. Our service is absolutely free and contacting us will place you under no obligation to buy.

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