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If you are seeking auto loan financing in Canada and have bad credit, we can help. With hundreds of Canadian car loan experts inside leading auto dealerships throughout the provinces and territories, we're right where you need us when you need an easy car loan.
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    The Pre-Approval Process


    We work with hundreds of car buyers on a daily basis, lending a hand, insuring they get the auto loan financing they need no matter their credit situation. We closely assist you throughout the entire buying process.

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    We’ve successfully built a large network of dealers and lenders throughout the US and Canada. We make finding the proper financing easy and quick as we align your financial needs with lender requirements.

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    Once a lender in your area accepts your application, you will be contacted by a representative to set up a time for you to visit the dealership. When your financial application is verified, you can shop the lot and drive off in your new car – it’s that easy!

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The Time to Start Over is NOW!

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Special Financing Auto Loans

We've helped thousands of Canadian residents connect to the right auto dealers in their local area and find the second chance they need. When you apply for financing assistance through Canada Auto Loan's network of lenders and dealers, you can be approved fast for special financing even if your credit is less than perfect. You'll find yourself in a quality, dependable vehicle sooner than you may think!

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Rebound From Bankruptcy!

At Canada Auto Loans, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you get approved for automobile financing even during difficult situations like bankruptcy or repossession. Receiving a special financing auto loan after you are discharged from your bankruptcy is one of the most recommended ways to get back on top again, and our secure application can get you started right now!

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Mend Your Credit Today!

Whether your finances took a hit from job loss, medical bills, bankruptcy or repossession, a vehicle loan can help you begin to repair your credit back to its former glory. At Canada Auto Loan, we can help you achieve what you thought was impossible. A special financing auto loan is a sure way to regain your footing in the credit world. It only takes three minutes to get started on the path to success now!

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I lost my job when the economy dropped. I ended up losing my car among other things just to keep my house and other bills paid up until I found a new job. When I did find a job, I needed a car quick. Canada Auto Loan was quick, friendly and helpful. - William M., Toronto
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