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Auto Loans in St Johns, Newfoundland

Attention drivers in St Johns, Newfoundland who are in need of new or used auto financing: Our quick and easy internet application makes applying for a car loan as painless as possible. In no time you can be driving a quality new or used auto, even with a shaky credit past.

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Service is the Key

Out of the numerous St Johns, Newfoundland auto finance sites across the web, so many fall short when it comes to customer service. On the other hand, is run by a service-oriented company whose goal is your satisfaction. Our customers and clients are assisted and informed by a top-notch support department that is run by actual people.

Our Vehicle Finance Process

Our secure online application form asks for information about you such as earnings, employment status, and residence information. This data is used to assess your credit standing and assemble a finance package.

Once you apply, your information will be reviewed by a local St Johns car finance representative. You will then be contacted and presented with all of the information and options available to you.

Next, you will go to a nearby St Johns, Newfoundland area auto dealer and select your new or used car.

The last step is to close the loan by completing some paperwork, and you are ready to drive your new car away!
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Who Gets Approved
Basic Approval Criteria
  • Any past bankruptcy must be dischared
  • Applicant must live within Canada
  • Payment cannot exceed 20 percent of monthly income
  • Financing amount cannot exceed 10 times monthly income
  • No reposessions within past year unless included in bankruptcy
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